Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Wayback Wednesday: A Blast from the Past

Another edition of my version of Wayback Wednesday 

Ok, so I know that I've been pounding my itnernet friends with old pictures lately. What with my facebook album of scanned photos of family and friends and yesterday's entry detailing an event involving popcornball snowmen that occured in the first month after I was diagnosed, I've probably given you all you can handle when it comes to old photos. But with my obsessive usage of the scanner and discovery of a huge box of photos in my mom's closet, I had to upload more for your veiwing pleasure.

I am going to upload christmas pictures for the upcomong Wednesdays until Christmas. Today, I've provided you with a glimpse of what I looked like right around when I was diagnosed.

This picture haunts me because this was almost 11 months before I was diagnosed, and yet I still looked gaunt and was starting to look sick. If you didn't know, a symptom of type 1 diabetes is weight loss. See, your body can't process carbs or fats, so it starts to break down the fat, then muscle in your body.

Christmas 1997, me at age 10:

A year later, one month after I was diagnosed. Starting to gain the weight back, and wearing huge vision correctors, LOL:

That lion was to go with another lion that was given to me in the hospital, the bigger version of that one. I have them both somewhere. I began collecting stuffed lions at that point. Then, when I got into college, my sorority's animal was the lion. Some girls spent tons of money collecting stuffed lions to display and keep for future members, but I already had a bunch! I couldn't bring myself to give any of them away, though. They were too special to me because they started when I was in the hospital.

Happy holidays, hope everyone has a fun and safe day tomorrow!


  1. Sweet pictures!:) Is that an American Girl Bitty Baby doll that your holding? It looks just like the ones my girls have!

  2. Cute pictures. Love the lion and post.

  3. yes, amy, it is American Girl! :D behind me on the couch is my doll, she was a choose your own doll, her name was tina! the bitty baby's name is nicole. I still have them both.



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