Saturday, November 28, 2009

Saturday is No Diabetes Day - Dear Christmas Shopper

Dear Christmas Shopper,

This is a letter from a retail worker. There are some things I want you to remember this year.

First of all, remember that someone has to clean up the store that you mess up. Someone has to stay hours after the store closes in order to pick up all those shirts you knocked on the floor, losing time with our families that we'd like during the holidays.Unfortunately, we aren't allowed to take vacation in the winter. So please respect that even though you get time off this season, we're working hard for you.

Please don't get mad at us when we mess up a transaction. We're under a lot of pressure when we have long lines. I know you're busy, and you don't have a lot of time, but please realize we're doing the best that we can.

We are bugging you about charge cards and gift cards because we have to. Please at least listen to us when we explain to you the benifits. We don't want to ruin your credit, we are just trying to help our companies and keep our jobs. You might actually want one, if you listen.

Finally, please, please, remember that we do close at a certain time. I'm sorry that we're not open 24 hours during the holiday season. For that convienence, please shop at wal-mart. Again, we'd like to get home and spend time with our families.

Smile at the check out girl this season. If the guy working in electronics does a particularly good job helping you, say something to his manager. Remember the Reason for the season. Remember to Love. Remember, it's Christmas.


Your local retail worker.


  1. I'm wondering how people decide it's ok to throw stuff around in the store, speak harshly to employees and generally cause havoc during this season that is supposed to be filled with love and good cheer.

    I know the economy is horrible, and people are out of work and worried about how they're even going to have Christmas. . but we always seem to pull it off, every year, and spend more as a nation than any previous year.

    When I was a banker, I loved making a game of it with my grumpy customers. I'd be so sweet to them no matter what they dished out, just to see if I could get them to smile at least once before they left. (And in BANKING, it's hard to evoke a smile!) There were only a few I couldn't budge and I wish I could post their names here just to let them know they've been noted as grumpy beyond repair. LOL

    I hope each day you have at least one person look you in the eye, sincerely smile and offer you a kind word. Then, hang onto that for the rest of your shift. Sometimes it's the only way to get through the day. I will make more of an effort at being that one smile to someone else each time I shop. Thanks for the reminder.



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