Sunday, November 15, 2009

Giant Purse

Heard today on the 3rd floor of the dorm where I stay at my boyfriend's school:

"I didn't know if that was a bag or a purse."

It's true, my purse is giant. It has to be. Between extra pump supplies (infusion sets, cartridges, insulin, alcohol wipes, batteries, etc), blood sugar monitor, glucose tabs, juice boxes, granola bars, and everything else I like to carry around with me (ten tubes of chapstick, water, diet coke, logs to write down food intake and blood sugars, a hair brush, extra makeup...what can I say I like to be prepared), I need a giant, bag-like purse. This purse is so big I can even fit my laptop in it. Granted, my laptop is only 13 inches, but still. It fits.

Another aspect of life with D. Giant purses and all.


  1. I am also a fan of the giant purse. I am a bit jealous of your purple one :) Right now, mine is black. I also tend to keep a book in there. In case I find myself with a random 15 minutes that facebook or twitter won't entertain me :)

  2. Hey, I feel your pain and I don't even need to carry half of what you do! I've never been a purse-carrying kind of gal, but since the "D", I had to go out and buy a big ol' bag to carry all my stuff. We keep joking that I don't need a gym, I just need to lug this thing around the mall for 30 mins. At least we're fashionista about it all!

  3. Lol, I thought my purse was huge! A laptop wow!

  4. my purse used to be a small piece of luggage from LLBean. now, its a backpack. your's is stylish at least!!



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