Monday, July 20, 2009

Diabolical Diabetty: Defined

I'm Sarah Jane. I'm a student, I'm a retail associate, I'm a writer, I'm a singer, I'm an amature designer, I am a girlfriend, a sister, and a daughter. These are a few of many ways I define myself. Oh yeah, I'm also a blogger.

One way to define myself is by my given name. My name is Sarah Jane. My internet handle is sajabla. Sajabla is derrived simply - Sarah Jane (last name that begins with Bla).

I also go by The PWD PK. PWD stands for Person With Diabetes. This is one of the ways I define myself. I have diabetes. I was diagnosed in 1998 at the age of eleven. You can read more about my diagnosis story Here and Here. I have been pumping insulin using an Animas Ping pump since November 11, 2009 and using a Dexcom 7 Plus continuous glucose monitor since November 17, 2009.

PK stands for Pastors Kid. My father has been a pastor since before I was born. I've grown up in church, never having a pastor who was not my dad. While I define myself less and less as a PK as I enter into adulthood, it is still something that defines my upbringing and childhood and will remain with me my entire life.

You may be wondering who this Diabolical Diabetty character is. She is my alter ego. She is an evil villian and a super hero all wrapped into one. I got the name in high school where some lovely teenage boys decided to make fun of me carrying around syringes and dubb me Diabetty. Eventually this became Diabolical Diabetty and I was the arch nemisis of one of the guys. I think we should have made a comic book out of it all. But I digress.

Diabetty is the ego I pick up when life with diabetes is hard. When I get frustrated. When I get overloaded. Diabetty is the strong side of me. Becasue diabetes attacks people without judging how strong they are. Sarah Jane isn't strong, but Diabetty is.

OK, I know this sounds creepy and a little mentally off, but I promise, it's not. It's about confidence and doing what you have to do to make it through life. Thanks for sharing in my life by reading my blog. Please leave a comment so I know who you are. I enjoy conversing with my readers.

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