Monday, September 21, 2009

No Excuses. Just Observations.

A few months ago, I visited the dietitian in my endo's clinic for the first time. I didn't really like her, but she did tell me something.

"Diabetics have obstacles to overcome when losing weight, like low blood sugar."

I remember thinking that that was BS. Why on earth would lows prevent me from losing weight? At the time, I was running between 200 and 240 most of the time and never really worried about lows. I had them sometimes, but almost never.

Last night, I found out.

It was mostly my fault. I should have worked out earlier in the day. I had a plan, I didn't stick to it.

Well, I finally did convince myself to get on the treadmill at about 11 pm. But, eager to avoid yesterday's drama, I made the smart decision to check my blood sugar first.


One juice box, some peanuts, and half a cup of milk, and 20 minutes later, I was only up to 81.

I waited another 20 minutes. 85.

*sigh* now, at 20 til midnight, I decided my plans for working out were not going to happen. I did some stretches and called it a night.

Grr to you, diabetes. Grr to you for ruining my workout plans.

(And to just put icing on my metaphorical cake, I fell asleep at 103 and woke up at 241.)


  1. My bg rises in the AM after I wake up. I do the treadmill then. It works out for me.

  2. ugh. I complain about this all the time! haha I have not yet achieved as K2 would call it, exercise nirvana! Even with temp basals and making sure I am not too low when I start working out, I still sometimes get low, and then I have to eat. blah. SUCKS!! Good luck, I hope you can figure out when the best time to work out for you is!

  3. I work out in the am dear and it usually works for me and then I usually do have a low so it sucks anytime you work out you usually have a low . I hate it .

  4. Sending hugs. It'll get better. I couldn't figure out insulin and exercise but s's trial and error:) don't let diabetes steal your joy! It's so not worth it.



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