Monday, September 7, 2009

Morning Walk

HI all! Well, I've had a bout of sickness this weekend, but I am feeling better. I wanted to do a picture blog on the institution of my new morning tradition I'll be partaking in five days a week, once my sickness subsides. I kicked it off on Friday. It's called "Early Morning Walk." I hope to reach two benefits using these walks. One is weight loss, the other is getting my "dawn phenomenon" numbers down (aka Morning Highs).

So on Friday, I set out to walk. And took lots of pictures! I'd had a fever at 3am by this time, but I went a head and walked anyway since I was feelin alright.

Oops, left a tennie in the car!

On my way out, I took a picture of the diabetes mess I left in the living room.

Three in a row: My Brother's Girlfriend's car, my brother's car, and my car.

Got the other tennie!

I be walkin. :)

I reach the EPIC five way stop in my neighborhood.

The next portion of my walk is called "America! Eff yeah!"

Above is me trying to take a picture with the flag.

People in Southwest Missouri love America (Eff YEah!)

This family had two BIG flags!! (Eff Yeah!)

Three flags in a row (Eff Yeah!)

By this time, I am a little tired. :(

But I can't turn back now. I'm halfway! I came across the funny tree:

My legs were starting to ache. I needed to stop and stretch!

But first, thumbs up to a pretty red flower.

And morning glories!! My favorites.

Finally I get to stop and stretch, using this telephone pole for balance. Yay! I can now make it home!

Five way stop. Serious business. Can you see all five?

Where Michigan Street meets Michigan Street.

This dog has a story. One time, I was taking our German Shepherd Lady for a walk. She is generally well mannered. When we passed this house, there were two dogs inside the fence going crazy at her! Barking their heads off, I mean, really going at it. And then, the little dog jumped over the fence! I had to tie lady to a fence post and carry the dog back to the front door. Turned out she actually belong to the people NEXT door! She had jumped two fences just to get at lady, who was probably five times her size.

Here is our local grafitti. I am only two blocks away at this point. If you can't see it, the grafitti artists have crossed off "Cross traffic" and written "Mosh." "Mosh does not stop" was their point.

There is my house, the third one down! I can hear my dogs now!

Someone has been drinking....

Home sweet home!!!

Hugging my favorite oak tree (I think I look like an elf in this picture)

Smokey was there to greet me.

And we relaxed with cuddles on the couch (I promise I wasn't strangling him! Haha).

I hope you enjoyed the pictures of my neighborhood.


  1. AWESOME! Love it...thanks for sharing :) I took pics sat. morning too but ummm have yet to blog (ummm yup need to do that) heehee



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