Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Woeful Wednesday: Frustration

This week I have been dealing with quite a few things. My internship ended on Monday, I"m getting ready for school, trying to have fun in my week off and also find an apartment (for four months?) and a job. Woo! It sounds like a lot to me.

I have also been checking my levels like crazy. I am trying to just get this diabetes thing under control. It has been out of my hands for so long! I Need to take the reins. I'm starting to think about things like heart disease and kidney failure and things that could crop up as soon as 15-20 years from now of I don't get my numbers down. And I have been doing pretty well with my follow through!

Here is the thing though - even with the hourly check, I am still having trouble with highs. And I'm really sick of these spikes! I have even tried cutting back on the carb intake and limiting it to 30 g a meal.

Here are some things I am thinking about doing in order to help. Please tell me your thoughts on these things!

1. CGM. I think that the knowledge of my blood sugar throughout the day (and esp at night) will help me figure out what to do. I want to read more on this when I have time so I'm informed when I ask my endo about it in September.

2. Pump Pump! I have thought about going on a pump for years! But I am nervous about the cost, among other things. Soon, I'll have to go off my parent's insurace (in less than 18 months IF I stay in school til then...wow I am nervous!) and I think maybe I should try to get one while they'll at least pay PART of it. (I'm on United, they're okay, they make me mail order supplies which I hate!)

3. I need to find a Registered Dietitian. The lady I saw who works in my Dr.'s office was an epic FAIL. She told me about carb counting (duh) and that if I wanted to lose 2 lbs a week, I needed to eat 1500 calories a day. That was the extent of my hour and a half appointment.

And Test! Test! Test! I was testing once a day, if that. I am now slowly working my way through my test trip backed-up supply! It makes me happy to see them disappear...

That's all for Woeful Wednesday. Catch you on the flip side!

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  1. Here's my thoughts:
    CGM's are a great tool! If Jada were older, would love to have one for her. But right now.....too much tubing to deal with. I think they would definitely help you spotting trends.
    Pumps- I can't wait to get Jada on a pump. Much better control for most people from what I understand. Usually a lot less swinging from low to high.
    Registered Dietician- Hmm....I don't know. With Jada, I just try to make sure her meals are fairly well balanced and also work the sweet stuff into a shot with a meal so that she doesn't feel deprived.
    To combat the spiking- and for some reason, for us it's most important to do this at breakfast- we give Jada her insulin at least 20 minutes before she eats. This morning she was 89 at breakfast and had 30 grams of carbs. 2 hours later when I checked she was at 140. If I hadn't waited, she would have been over 300.
    Kudos for you taking the reins back! This is such a tough disease to manage! Rooting for you!



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