Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My Very Own D-Challenge

Well faithful followers, here it is. My first dblog procrastination-post of my final semester of undergrad. The first of many, I am certain. I have lots of homework due tomorrow (yes, homework on the first day! How cruel, college professors!), but I am not doing it right now because I am blogging. Story of my life.

So I had a lapse this week. I really didn't feel like having diabetes for about 3 days, and so I stopped. I know everyone has these days, but I was doing so well! But today I am back on track, at least as far as testing and dosing goes. As far as good numbers and eating well and exercising goes, not so much. But with time, eh?

Here are my goals for the end of the semester:

  • Pass all classes with at least a 3.0
  • Don't get behind, especially in my online class
  • Work on homework for at least 2 hours a day
  • Take the GRE and get into graduate school
  • GRADUATE with my BA in History

  • Test at least five times a day
  • Talk to doc about CGM
  • Try to get on a pump - I am finally READY
  • Try to exercise 200 minutes a week
  • Make healthier food choices and HOPEFULLY naturally crave healthier choices and naturally eat less by the end (just in time for the holidays :-/)


My D-challenge this week for myself is going to be TESTING.

  • DO test at least every 2 HOURS A DAY
  • DO test overnight mid-sleep
  • DO record BG's, food stuffs, exercise, and stress levels
  • DO make a pretty graph for my own viewing pleasure
No, I won't test every 2 hours forever, at least I hope not. My doc only allows me 5 strips/day (which I'm going to ask to be upped) on my current prescription. Anything more wouldn't be covered under my amazing insurance plan. BUT. as I explained here, I am backed up on those darned little things. One of my goals is to get rid of them!

I just want to know my body. I want to know how things affect me, and how I can counter their effects, everything from stress to food to exercise. SO this week, the plan is to try different types of foodstuffs, be under a lot of stress (easy, I'm moving!), try different types of exercises, and figure out how these things affect my blood sugar. We will see how much I learn in a week!!

No woes this week - my woeful Wednesday is filled with non- D related things. Please be thinking of me as I pack up and move back in with my parents this week and prepare for a twice-a-week hour long commute to school. I am worried about this beyond belief, but I think once I get into it it will be easier.

Also, thank you for being patient as I learn this d-blog thing. Right now, it's a ramble ramble keep track of my own self kinda thing. I enjoy reading and participating in the community and hope to become a stronger member with time.

I still haven't learned how to end for now...hasta luego.


  1. You are doing great!! Seriously. You are paying attention, writing about it, taking accountability of your actions into your own hands. Big step. Congrats! You can do this.

    Don't worry about what others think about your blog or posts, just do your thing, this is about you and Your life.

    Glad to have you aboard the D-OC! ;-)



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