Saturday, August 15, 2009

Things I Miss

I recently commented on this blog by Amylia Grace on Diabetes Daily about the thing I miss most about the pre-diabetes years (there were only eleven).

"mixing grape soda with red kool aid and having the most amazing drink ever. That is what I'd do with a day off from diabetes. Drink grape soda, and mix some of it with red kool aid. "

I have been able to find diet Orange soda out the wazoo but when it comes to diet grape, it's nowhere to be found. It makes me sad. Grape is my favorite flavor. I don't know if I genuinely like the taste or if I just like it because it's purple. And why I mixed it with red kool-aid (strawberry, cherry, fruit punch, doesn't matter!) I'll never know what my eight year old brain was thinking. I also think once I split a grape and put it on the edge of a glass like a lemon. I really thought I was a culinary genius.

A list of things I miss:

1. Baked Potatoes - I used to eat them, but since I became Amylin deficient I can't anymore without going into my "high blood sugar coma" state where I sleep for 2 hours.
2. Cotton Candy and
3. Carmel Apples - I just went to the fair last week, couldn't eat hardly anything!
4. Deep dish pizza - see baked potato. I stick with thin crust now!
5. Bleached, white, bad for you pasta - occasionally I treat myself to chef boyardee ravioli or make my famous Alfredo pasta, but I can only eat a tiny bit since both the sauce (made from flour and milk) and the pasta make me in to "comastate"
6. Sweet Tea - didn't really drink this as a child, but since McAlister's became a frequent Sunday lunch venue, the sips I've had of others have made me jealous.
7. Regular maple syrup - for a while I used sugar free, but it tastes so watery and has a weird after taste - so now I just put butter and sometimes peanut butter on my pancakes (when I eat them)
8. Non callused fingers - oh how i miss the days of soft hands.
9. A mixture of minute rice, milk, butter, and sugar - I know, weird - this was something my mom and I used to enjoy together! Now I can enjoy it in small heaps of brown rice, but brown rice just doesn't taste the same in the sugary mixture as the white did
10. Halloween candy - I was diagnosed on November 6, 1998 - my bag of Halloween candy was given away to my two younger brothers. Painful! It still hurts! I now buy discount Halloween candy and give it away to the members of the MSSU History Club - and take one or two for myself - but they don't understand the significance!

What do you miss about your pre-diabetes days?

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