Sunday, August 23, 2009

Test Strips....and things.

Test strips! We already know they get into everything. If you don't know they get into everything, follow me around for a day. Chances are you will find a trail of test strips behind me. My best friend gets so angry when she finds them at her house. I can't help it! I often leave the house with them sticking to my shoes. It's unavoidable.

But what I really wanted to write about is the great news I have regarding test strips. That is, I am actually using them! I have a backed up stash. Before I started using mail order scripts (BOO!) my dad would stock me up before I left for a trip, school, etc. I also got a large "three month" supply after my first large shipment of supplies from my mail-order company. I have boxes in my dresser drawers. Luckily they have a long shelf life and I try to find the ones that expire the quickest when opening new vials.

But, since I have started checking five to ten times a day, my supply is depleting. It is very exciting for me! I need to go home and count how many I have so I can update how many I have used. Someday I may actually have to order some! I'll be excited for that day.

My newly increased test strip usage has left me in a pickle this weekend. When I left Joplin on Thursday, I had the strips left in the in-use vial (probably 5-10) plus one more vial of 25. Now for four days, if I check 5 times a day, that is plenty. But I don't check five times a day, more like closer to the ten side. Needless to say, I'm stuck in Springfield until tomorrow afternoon with but one strip to my name.

I tried to get more, I really did! I went to the pharmacy to see if my prescription was still good. It wasn't, it expired in March. Not having 30 dollars to spare, I am stuck with one strip. One strip for approximately 14 more hours. When should I use this strip? When I wake up? Before lunch tomorrow? Save it in case I feel low at some point?

I'm not afraid of not testing, I'm afraid of the numbers that will result after this period of nontesting. I will get home, test, and it will probably be somewhere in the 250 to 300 range. I am not looking forward to that number. I wish I could correct it now, but I only have one strip.

Lesson Learned: Back up the back up. (You'd think I would know this by now, with all my forgetting...)

Lesson Learned: Get emergency pharmacy scripts.

Lesson Learned: Stop being so testing crazy. Do you really think your 210 will drop to 110 in 20 minutes? (NO).

Lesson learned: Stop blogging at 3am.

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