Friday, August 7, 2009

The Case of the Forgotton Monitor

So yesterday i thought it would be a brilliant idea to put on fake nails. Ha. Horrible. Typing is next to impossible.

Anyway. A few days ago I decided to check my levels every hour in order to see where i was and how food affected my numbers. I was doing really well (mostly in the 90-110 range, yay!) and with the exception of forgetting in the evenings once I left work, I was keeping on schedule. That is, until I got to work yesterday and didn't have my monitor.

While on the subject, let me now take the time to say that my own worst enemy when it comes to diabetes is my own forgetfulness. Forget to take insulin, forget insulin, forget new needle for pen, forget to replenish test strips, forget to test, forget meter, forget emergency sugar, forget to eat. Absent mindedness, ADD, and diabetes don't mix well.

I went the whole day without it. A few months ago, when I less than cared about my health, this would have been no big deal. But now, it is. I should have gone home to get it, but it's about 30 minutes there and 30 minutes back. So I dealed. I made sure to eat my afternoon snack and read the labels on my pre packaged food carefully so i didn't overdose the insulin. And things turned out fine. Then I got home, and couldn't find the monitor. I'm 95% sure it's in my boyfriend's car. Problem being, he drove to Colorado yesterday.

So this morning, I went to stock up on supplies for my back up meter. The lancet shooter thingy is broken, so i stuck lots of lancets in for self poking (which I hate). I even tossed in an extra bottle of test strips. Guess what I forgot?

You're right. The meter.

So I'm guessing that when I get home tonight, my perfect numbers won't be so perfect.

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