Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Woeful Wednesday: Complain Time


1. Monitor, quit having dying batteries! Update: last night I found the lost monitor, which I assumed was locked in my boyfriend's car. It wasn't. It was hiding between my bed frame and my mattress. I found it with my toes and tossed it on the floor, causing my roommate's dogs to go mad. I was so happy to have my One Touch Ultra 2 back! While I enjoy the look of the Ultra Mini, my backup, I don't necessarily enjoy its simplicity. I am one who likes to tag my readings. Plus I just feel more comfortable with the larger design - no idea why.

AT ANY RATE, I turned it on to follow up on my "mysterious" high reading this morning and it was DYING. The little battery symbol is on. I'M FLAT BROKE. I CAN'T AFFORD TO BUY NEW MONITOR BATTERIES. Geesh. Come on, people! I guess I'm stuck with the mini until I can get new batteries. At least I have the working lanceting device (what I like to call a "poker").

2. Sugars, what is up with your high morning numbers? OK so I shouldn't say that. I've been doing excellent with checking every hour while I'm at work (trying to see how things affect my blood sugar without splurging on one of those fancy continuous monitoring devices), once I get home I tend to forget about Mr. Diabetes and how he is affecting my life. I generally head straight to the kitchen (starving), eat (sometimes low carb, but more often than not a meal containing pasta or rice), and then take insulin without checking my levels. This spirals me into a post-high-carb comanap, (I realize I shouldn't use coma lightly when diabetes is involved, HOWEVER, when I am in my high blood sugar nap state, I am dead to the world). Pass out for two hours, wake up, take a shot (without checking), and proceed to gorge on whatever food is lying around my house. OOPS. Nighttime, tired, bored munchies. Get me every time.

SO, BRAIN, learn that you can't just have diabetes eight hours of the day!! WAKE UP, SARAHJANE.

So not so mysterious is the reason I was 386 when I got to work this morning. Oh, and that giant cookie I ate for breakfast when i had a perfectly good frozen omelet in my freezer....

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