Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Early Resolutions.

I got a new Wii game.

First of all, my family got a Wii for Christmas to share. So I am not borrowing Davids Wii anymore. Chances are he'll move somewhere far away soon (:( ), meaning he'd take the Wii with him far away from me. Anyhow, that's not an issue anymore, because he got me a new game. 

Its called EA Sports Active, done by the EA people who do a lot of sports games for various video game systems. It is pretty intense, more intese than Wii Fit (which we are getting on January 8th). I have used it for 3 days now and so far I really like it. The "running" is supposed to be in place like the Wii Fit, but I didn't like that so I just move to the treadmill, which is in front of the TV anyway. I love this! I have been actually running on the treadmill, when before I never put the speed higher than a brisk walk.

My resolutions started a week early this year. I am still scared. I am scared of having a heart attack in my 30's. I want to do everything I can to avoid heart disease. I also want to get organized and do some growing up this year. I'm turning 23, I'm a college grad, and if everything works out I may be out of retail in the next few months.

I'm even starting school again, enrolling in a Nutrition/Dietetics program. That means that once completed, I can apply for my RD certification and then begin the process of becoming a Certified Diabetes Educator, something I have been feeling called to do since starting to take care of my self better.

Bring on 2010. I'm ready!


  1. Great! We love our Wii. Wii Fit Plus is the way to go, it has everything Wii Fit has plus lots new activites and the workouts can be quicker/more intense with less breaks in between. Enjoy your Wii!

  2. Casey we have Wii Fit Plus. Or, we will have it, and that is what David has. EA Sports Active is wayyy better. We got it for cheap somewhere, I'm not sure where (since it was a gift he wont' tell me what it cost, ha ha). You can even use the balance board for some exercises. It's nifty.

  3. Yea, We have Active also. I liked the 30 day challenge. I am going to buy Your Shape this week. I saw it on sale at Target ;)

    My husband really likes Wii Fit Plus, and he liked Active more than me. I didn't like the leg thing because it would fall off frequently for me. Probably my fault, but it was bothersome enough that after the 30 day thing, I quit it.

    Great way to get more active though!



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