Friday, July 24, 2009

Does the heat affect blood sugars?

I am interning at a National Park for the summer (see my other blog for some stories). Since it's in Southwest Missouri, it is totally HOT. Well, we have had some unseasonably 80 degree days recently, but today it returned to the infamous 90+ with 70% relative humidity that much of the lower Midwest is famous for.

Yesterday, I was walking the 3/4 mile trail at close in order to clear it of all visitors and shut down the park. As I headed up the last leg of the trail, I could feel my sugar levels plummeting.

Usually, I take a sierra mist or Gatorade on the trail with me in case of situations like these. Today, I just didn't. Lucky for me, I ran into a family and had to turn them around. I didn't explain my situation to them, but I figured they would run for help if i collapsed.

I didn't collapse, and my sugar was only 69 when we got back, but...

My co-worker's immediate response to my situation was, "Oh, it's because of the heat, isn't it." (It was only about 87 yesterday but the humidity made it feel well past 90). She's asked this before, and I said, no, it's because of physical activity.

But I wonder, was it because of the heat? I don't think so, but living in an area of the country that gets really hot, it would probably be a nice thing to know.

But I honestly just think it's from the actual walking, and not the actual heat.

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  1. The heat *might* affect it to some extent but more likely the physical activity in hot weather would be the most likely culprit. Now that I'm writing this, though, I remember one of our CDE's told us that if Jada is sweating, to be on the look out for lows. Hot tubs will cause a low for Jada if we're not careful-- which would be heat induced.
    What a fun job! be young again!



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